Houses in Aachen: Valuable, sought-after and with attractive locations

If there is one thing that the property market for houses in Aachen has in common, it is the invariably high quality of the offers. This applies both to the houses in Aachen's city centre, most of which have been renovated at enormous expense, where only the restored, classicist façades are reminiscent of the original year of construction, and to modern detached houses and semi-detached houses around the core area of the city. The outer districts are dominated by mostly exclusive detached houses and apartment buildings, bungalows and architect's houses, which score points for their prime locations: The proximity to parks and recreational areas on the one hand, and excellent connections to the city on the other. Find your dream home in Aachen at John Doe Real Estate.

  • Frontal
Villa in posizione da sogno con attrezzature mo ...
in 52068 Aachen
  • Frontal
Casa di campagna rustica in mezzo alla natura
in 52068 Aachen
Prezzo d’acquisto 690.000 €
  • Panorama
Lussuosa villa con grande piscina panoramica
in 52068 Aachen
  • Frontal
Accogliente casa indipendente in zona rurale
in 52068 Aachen
Prezzo d’acquisto 468.000 €
  • Titelbild
Villa moderna in posizione fantastica
in 52068 Aachen
  • Frontansicht
Incantevole casa di campagna nel sud della Fran ...
in 83340 Le Cannet-des-Maures
Prezzo d’acquisto 1.200.000 €
  • Haus _ Fassade
Bella casa con valore interno
in 14482 Potsdam
  • Haus _ Fassade
++++Centrale villa da sogno in stile guglielmin ...
in 52078 Aachen
Prezzo d’acquisto 330.000 €

Soers, Westpark and Steinebrück: Upscale living on the edge of the city centre

Jugendstilfassaden im Aachen Frankenberger Viertel

Detached single-family houses with spacious plots or spacious semi-detached houses surrounded by woods or parks: in Soers, Westpark and Steinebrück, when you look out of the window, there is little to remind you of the immediate proximity to Aachen city centre. In purely legal terms, the three districts still belong to the city district of Aachen-Mitte, but they have a distinctly different, looser development and settlement. At the same time, the infrastructure is excellently developed. This applies not only to roads and public transport to the city centre, but also to the density of grocery shops, public facilities, pharmacies, doctors and schools. At John Doe Real Estate you will find selected house offers from these attractive residential areas in Aachen.

Laurensberg and Vaalserquartier: an evolved jumble

Classic semi-detached houses, terraced houses, bungalows as well as detached and semi-detached houses of various sizes and locations can be found in Laurensberg and Vaalserquartier. The two districts have been given an urban face by their proximity to the RWTH Aachen University and large companies such as Lindt or Lambertz, as well as to the newly established research centres - at the same time, extensive, scenic spots lend the areas a green charm.

With a house in Aachen, you are investing in your personal future in a location with a high quality of life, pioneering research infrastructure and economic potency. John Doe Real Estate will be happy to help you start this future today: Just give us a call.

Eilendorf, Brand and Walheim: in touch with nature

Aachen Brand im Herbst

Exclusive is one of the most frequently used adjectives for the bulk of the properties on offer in these districts. The dimensions of the detached and semi-detached houses are larger than usual, and core-renovated houses with a living area of around 400 square metres could probably better be called estates.

The properties you will find in our portfolio are highly sought-after and are usually quickly snapped up. However, the three city districts still have so much space that new attractive houses for families can be built there - especially in Walheim. With its proximity to the Nordeifel nature reserve and good infrastructure, the district can be described as a very child-friendly place to live.

Richterich and Haaren: Newly built areas with green flair

Rarely has a major German city placed such a clear and uncompromising focus on a balanced relationship between concrete and green when designating new housing developments as the Aachen city planners have done in Richterich and Haaren. The newly developed housing estates are softened by directly adjoining park areas, edge-planted open spaces and generous public space. The houses in these urban districts therefore meet the demands of couples and families, but are also excellent investments for old age, because some of them have already been built barrier-free.

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